What is Low Sulfur High Carbon Semi Coke?

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Rongxing Group Supplies Semi Coke

      As an independent commodity trading house with active interests in mine operations and production facilities, Rongxing Group is a manufacturer, marketer and trader that provides innovative products and semi-coke bulk supply chain solutions worldwide. Rongxing Group makes trade better and adds value to the supply chain activities. We manufacture and source competitively priced on-spec semi coke products for delivery to our industrial customers. We search far and wide to secure long-term cost-effective supplies. Our core expertise lies in our global producing and supply base managed by our professionals of trading operations across 5 continents. We are also able to source from locations where resource is plentiful and ship them to where they are needed. We bring our partner producers closer to the global market including making their price globally competitive. We deliver shipments to our customers preferred locations, guaranteeing the grading criteria and quality thresholds. Our business chain model passes on all cost advantages to our agents and end users.



     Supply: to any bulk port terminal with coke handling and storage facility

      Rongxing Capacity to supply annually: 500,000+ metric tons annually

      Markets: Asia, Europe ,Africa, South America and Oceania.


Introduction of Rongxing-made Semi Coke

      Rongxing-made Semi-coke is light black, characterized by high fixed carbon, high specific resistance, high chemical activity, low ash content, low sulfur and Low phosphorus. It is wildly applied to such industries as chemical industry, metallurgic industry, and gas- making industry to produce calcium carbide, ferroalloy, ferrosilicon, silicon carbide, silicomanganese, fertilizer, etc. Semi coke is made from high grade Jurassic coal as a new type of carbon material. It willsubstitute some metallurgical coke in producing ferroalloys products. Our semi coke can be used in smelting too.

Semi Coke Products Application

    Our semi coke powder is used in blast furnace instead of coal injection in steel-making.

    0-6mm semi coke is normally used for sintering Mn ore in process of production SiMn; or using in other sinter mill.

    6-18mm semi coke is normally used in producing Ferronickel , Ferrosilicon ,Calcium Carbide and other ferroalloy.


Rongxing Semi Coke Middle Material Specification Parameters

Size    18-30mm
Fixed Carbon   ≥83%
Ash  ≤8%  
Sulphur   ≤ 0.40%-0.50%
Moisture      10-15%     
Phosphorus    ≤0.012%
  w(k+Na)     ≤0.2%


Advantage of semi coke in production of Ferro-alloy smelting

    (1),Semi Coke could improve the quality of the ferroalloy significantly (especially low aluminum alloy Al2O3≤0.1%).

    (2),Semi Coke could reduce unit electricity consumption significantly (nearly save more than 1000 KWHR, that means 8-10%),

    (3), Semi coke could lower the cost of raw material. Although the price of semi coke and coke is similar, but it's far cheaper than charcoal and pet-coke.

    (4),It's very simple to replace coke, pet-coke and charcoal with semi coke. It's no need to upgrade your equipment and the operation is easy and process is simple.

Special Notes for using Rongxing semi coke

1. Rongxing Semi coke has rainproof measures during storage to avoid damp rain.
    2. Stove that uses Rongxing semi coke should not communicate with the bedroom as much as possible to prevent gas poisoning.
    3. During the use of Rongxing semi coke, regularly clean the flue to ensure the full combustion of semi coke.
    4. Add enough coal at one time. Add coal in the middle and late period of combustion to prevent the furnace temperature from being too low and extinguishing the fire.
    5. The height and diameter of the chimney must be ensured, and the chimney interface and the chimney itself must not leak (the chimney is too low or too thin will cause the heating furnace to not burn normally, seal the fire and extinguish the fire, etc.).
    6. Adjust the size of the air inlet on the dust removal door according to the situation when sealing the furnace, to prevent the situation that the fire can not be sealed or extinguished when the furnace is sealed.


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