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【Introduction of Superior Electrode Paste Supplier-Rongxing Group】

    Service is what we know. Providing innovative carbon metallurgical products and solutions is what we strive for. Backed by over 24 years of experience of manufacturing, marketing and distributing premium carbon metallurgical products and solutions worldwide, we’re committed to providing a range of high quality, innovative, cost-effective graphite electrode and electrode paste products and solutions.

    The company’s corporate headquarters is currently located in the Zhengzhou in central part of China. Possessing sophisticated production lines and inspection equipments, providing diverse lines of carbon metallurgical products backed by expert R&D technical support, we develop closer customer relationships and taking on a larger role in the total supply and manufacturing chain.

    As an experienced manufacturer, we now offer everything from RP, HP to UHP graphite electrode and trapezodial, oval, cylinder electrode paste in the world. The diverse products include carbon materials and graphite materials.Our products have been exported to Europe, Asia, Africa, South America and Middle Eastern countries, which enjoys good reputation. 

【Rongxing Electrode Paste Product】

    Rongxing electrode paste is dehydrated and melted by petroleum coke and pitch coke in a melting tank, and proportionally added to the kneading pot and kneaded, then molded and calcined. 

    With the characteristics of low resistivity, it is used as a conductive material in electric furnace equipment such as ferroalloy furnace and calcium carbide furnace. Electrode paste can be said to be a simple and technically complicated product in carbon production. After being kneaded and molded, the electrode paste became a finished product. Unlike other carbon and graphite products, when defects occur in the previous process, it can be compensated by baking, graphitization or even an impregnation process. 

    The electrode paste is calcined by the heat in the submerged arc furnace. There- fore, the consumption speed of the electrode and the calcination speed are the key to the use of the electrode paste. As the submerged arc furnace technology gradually develops toward
large-scaled and air-tightness, during the calcining process, the electrode develops from the old type opened furnace type to the closed furnace type, and the heat obtained by the electrode from the furnace is greatly reduced, which requires an increase in the sintering perfromance of the electrode paste to compensate for this deficiency.

【Application of Our Electrode Paste】

     Our electrode paste products are being mostly used in the electric equipment such as ferroalloys furnace, carbide furnace.

【Specification of Rongxing Electrode Paste】

Ash Content 3.0%
        V.M  10.0-15.5
        Compression Strength  >23Mpa
Resistivity 65Ω
Density  >1.46 g/cm3
Extensibility 6-20%

【Physical and Chemical Indexes of Rongxing Electrode Paste】

    V.M 9-16%
    Ash is less than 2
    Sulfur content below 1.5
    Compressive strength: the national standard is greater than 18; Our product is around 24.
    Resistivity below 70
    Bulk density: national standard is greater than 1.38, ours is above 1.45
    Extensibility: National Standard 20-40, ours is around 30
    Softening point: varies according to the parameters required by the customer's furnace.
    Low ash and high carbon content

【Note for Rongxing-made Electrode Paste】

       In addition to properly grasping the above two methods, the production of Rongxing electrode paste also needs to improve the sintering speed of the electrode through the adjustment of the formula, such as appropriately adding graphite materials with good conductivity and heat transfer performance in the formula Conduction heat obtained in the furnace to speed up the roasting speed, while trying to reduce the consumption of the electrode to reduce the speed of the electrode lowering can also achieve the matching of electrode consumption and roasting.


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