Do you know what is hollow graphite electrode?

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 [Introduction to hollow graphite electrode]

A hollow graphite electrode is a hollow electrode.
The preparation of this product is directly pressed into hollow tube when the electrode is formed or drilled in the center of the electrode when the electrode is processed. Other production processes are the same as ordinary graphite electrode processes.
The production of hollow (hollow) graphite electrode can save carbonaceous materials and reduce the weight of hoisting graphite electrode.
The hollow passage of graphite electrode can also be used to add the alloy materials and other materials needed for steelmaking or to pass in the gas needed.
However, the fabrication process of hollow graphite electrode is complicated, the material saving is limited, and the yield is low, so the hollow graphite electrode has not been widely used.

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Rongxin carbon is one of the leading group companies in China, which mainly produces and operates carbon metallurgical material products and provides quick quotation, reliable quality, competitive price products and delivery service as soon as possible according to industrial standards and customer requirements.

It was founded in zhengzhou, central and eastern China, in 1992.
In order to play a greater role in the entire production and supply chain, we work closely with our customers.
With more than 20 years of professional experience and expertise in the carbon metallurgy industry, the company is committed to research and development,

And provide a range of high quality, innovative, cost-effective carbon and metallurgical products and solutions.
At present, the main products are graphite electrode, electrode paste, forged petroleum coke and refractory.
The product line includes carbon materials, graphite materials, refractories and water treatment materials.

The annual output is 200,000 tons of electrode paste, 50,000 tons of graphite electrode, 250,000 tons of calcined coke, 20,000 tons of refractory materials, etc.
My company all certificates complete, has been adhering to the international ISO9001 certification.
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As a leader in the carbon industry, rongxin carbon has been taking responsibility for the inevitable environmental problems in the production process, actively introducing environmental protection equipment, improving the production process, and cooperating with the national environmental supervision department to realize online data monitoring, so as to minimize environmental pollution!

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