What are the main types of graphite electrodes?

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(1) natural graphite electrode.

Natural graphite electrode is made from natural flake graphite.

In natural graphite with coal tar, after kneading, molding, roasting and machining, can be prepared into natural graphite electrode, the resistivity is higher, generally for 15 to 20 u m., natural graphite electrode is the chief drawback of low mechanical strength, easy to broken in the process of actual use, therefore, in China is now only a few small specifications of natural graphite electrode used in some special occasions.

(2) artificial graphite electrode.

Using petroleum coke or asphalt coke as solid aggregate and coal asphalt as binder, the artificial graphite electrode (graphite electrode) can be prepared by mixing, molding, roasting, graphenization and machining.

The graphite electrode is a high temperature resistant graphite conducting material.

Graphite electrodes with different physical and chemical properties can be prepared according to different raw materials and production processes, and can be divided into ordinary power graphite electrode, high power graphite electrode and ultra-high power graphite electrode.

With the production of graphite electricity is the main variety of carbon material enterprises constitute the metallurgical carbon material industry.

(3) antioxidant coated graphite electrode.

In order to reduce the oxidation consumption of graphite electrode, the graphite electrode with antioxidant coating is formed on the surface of the processed graphite electrode by means of "alternate spraying and melting method" or "solution impregnation method".

Because the coating increases the price of graphite electrode, and there are some problems in the use process of graphite electrode, so the use of antioxidant coating graphite electrode has not been widely promoted in China.


(4) water-cooled composite graphite electrode.

Water-cooled composite graphite electrode is used after graphite electrode and special steel pipe joint of conductive electrode, is located in the double layer at the top of steel pipe internal is cooled, the bottom of the graphite electrode by water cooling of the metal joint and steel pipe connection, electrode control device on the pole, thus greatly reduce the graphite electrode surface area exposed to the air, the oxidation of reducing electrode consumption, but as a result of connection electrode operation trouble and affect the productivity of the furnace, therefore, at present our country has not yet been adopted such water composite graphite electrode.


(5) hollow graphite electrode.

A hollow graphite electrode is a hollow electrode.

The preparation of this product is directly pressed into hollow tube when the electrode is formed or drilled in the center of the electrode when the electrode is processed. Other production processes are the same as ordinary graphite electrode processes.

The production of hollow graphite electrode can save carbonaceous materials and reduce the weight of hoisting graphite electrode.

The hollow passage of graphite electrode can also be used to add the alloy materials and other materials needed for steelmaking or to pass in the gas needed.

However, the fabrication process of hollow graphite electrode is complicated, the material saving is limited, and the yield is low, so the hollow graphite electrode has not been widely used.


(6) regenerated graphite electrode.

The regenerated graphite electrode is made from the recovered artificial graphite scrap and powder, which are mixed with coal pitch after kneading, molding, roasting and machining.Compared with coke - based ink electrode, its resistivity is too high and its performance index is poor.

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