14 Days of Wuhan Epidemic outbreak these 17 people were finally exposed ...

14 Days of Wuhan Epidemic outbreak these 17 people were finally exposed ...

14 Days of Wuhan Epidemic outbreak these 17 people were finally exposed ...


The city of Wuhan were totally closed for nearly two weeks. The number of confirmed diagnosis continues to rise. People who dare not go out at home still spend their days in the news. All kinds of information, moving, sad, angry, amazing ... an epidemic, like a boulder smashing into our originally peaceful and orderly life, for a time, the slag waves Tumbling. Demon monsters appeared from all walks of life, all kinds of warmth and kindness also appeared frequently. In my pensive moods, one by one, I wrote down those shiny ordinary people. What they do is not really a matter of heaven and earth. But they are worth remembering. Each one is worth it.



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At the Wuhan Marriott Hotel where there are medical teams from Beijing and Shanghai, and nearly 400 medical staff live.
In the afternoon of the third day of Chinese New Year, a farmer came. He drove in an agricultural tricycle which was loaded with 24 boxes of vegetables. He said: "I heard that the medical team lives here and I'll send some fresh vegetables."





He insisted not to have money. This rustic farmer rode a 40km electric tricycle. He didn't use navigation, and asked for directions to find the hotel all the way. His face and hands were flushed with wind. But he was very happy and told the hotel people: "This is the freshest! I only have these much." All people here were touched with tears. In fact, after the city was closed in Wuhan, the local vegetable could be sold well ... Let us remember him: Mr. Qin, 45, a vegetable farmer in Wuhan.





Mr. Qin, your vegetables are not only nutritious, but also warm heart . Were grateful to you.



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On January 31, in Nanjing, at a public security checkpoint. A white car stopped by the road, and a man in a mask came down. While carrying the box from the car, he said to the police: "Id like to have something for you. I came back from Turkey.


The police saw a large box of masks and quickly asked him: "May I know your surname?" The man returned: "Its not important to know my surname. Were Chinese. Thats it.




"I will always remember that I am Chinese, but you don't need to remember me." The most affectionate words often cannot be said. You do n’t need to say, sir, we understand that. Were grateful to having  you.


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In the closed city of Wuhan, most restaurants are closed. The paramedics were having trouble eating.



There is a very small shop which is always busy.

They make nearly 1,000 boxes of lunch every day, which are specially provided for medical staff in hospitals such as Jinyintan. In a box lunch, stewed burdock with carrots, stewed pork belly with potatoes, a green vegetable, and an egg or half of corn are enough. It costs 16 yuan. In fact, the lady owner is doing it at a loss.







Because she was too busy, she called her parents, sisters and brothers to help her. The family was busy from morning to night without any rest. The lady owner only sleeps four hours per day. Someone asked her why. She couldn't speak, scratching her head for a long time, and said, "I just want to do this to support them."





A few meters from the bus, the traffic police handed over a bottle of water: Sir, get some water and drink on the road.



There is no grandiloquence. But this scene made people tearful. Because of this moment, I saw were together. thank you.




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On the New Year's Eve, in Shenqiu, Henan. The 42-year-old village secretary Wang Guohui, carrying 5 tons of vegetables, hurried to the construction site of Huoshenshan Hospital and delivered vegetables for free. He served in Wuhan for 17 years and was in charge of logistics in the army. So after the epidemic came, the first thing he thought of was: "What about food?" So he got up at 5 am on New Year's Eve, and shot the door to wake up the villagers and let them get up to pack vegetables. More than 20 people responded and worked for a long time. More than 5,000 pounds of green vegetables, 4,100 pounds of winter melon ... Finally, 5 tons of vegetables were installed.





Wang Guohui kept driving on the road nonstop, and at eight o'clock in the evening, he sent the vegetables to Wuhan. He said that he was a veteran in Wuhan: "I was on the front line in fighting floods in 1998. I was on the front line in the 2008 ice disaster. Of course, I should go for this epidemic."




He once defended his country and was loyalful for his country throughout his life. No one requires the hero must always be a hero But you are very warm and sincere. Thanks for having you, the veteran of the motherland.


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At the time of the outbreak, Chen Xueyan was traveling in Nepal. Knowing that her hometown was short of masks, she immediately ran around the pharmacy and bought 5,800 masks. Too much to take. She tossed some of her clothes and toiletries and emptied her suitcase to fit the mask.




Finally, she returned home with four boxes of masks and gave them to medical staff and those in need for free. She said, "I know the epidemic is coming. Medical supplies are really more important than my belongings."




A female Henan lady tour guide organized her "Wuhan moat" and bought 40 large boxes of protective clothing from Thailand, carried them back to China, and sent them directly to Wuhan.



 It feels that the masks and protective clothing all over the world have been bought up by the Chinese. Thank you, good Chinese people.


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On the fifth day of the new year, a household factory headquartered in Luoyang, Henan, received an order for 200,000 yuan in medical cabinets. Mr. Yuan, boss of the company found out it will be used by Wuhan Huoshenshan Hospital. He immediately took the order and replied: "No need to buy, we donate it!" Due to insufficient reserves, Mr. Yuan sent the news to the group of the local furniture association. When the people in the association saw the news, they actively donate. 14 companies worked overtime overnight, and the orders were made overnight.


After the loading of medical cabinets was completed, the logistics company learned that the goods were supporting the Wuhan Huoshenshan Hospital, and immediately offered free delivery to ensure delivery the same night.



These low profiled small and micro business owners usually do their own small business. But at the critical moment, they held out a red heart! thank you!


0 8




In Changde, Hunan Province. Young Hao Jin donated 18,000 masks. We couldn't think of the source of the masks: Last year, he worked in a mask factory, but later on the factory was not profitable, and he resigned. The factory was short of money, so 20,000 yuan valued masks were used to offset wages. Before and after the Spring Festival, Hao Jin heard that the epidemic situation was urgent and the masks were in short supply, and immediately thought of donating these masks to those in need. The village party secretary wanted to give him money. He said, "I don't need a penny. I ca n’t make a fortune at national calamity.'"





Working in a mask factory and being owed wages, the young man should not be a rich man. Buying a house, marrying a wife, and providing for the elderly all require money. Life is not easy and you have righteousness in your heart. In this way, you will have a bright future. Were grateful to have you.


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A rescue material delivery vehicle arrived near the hospital. A doctor ran over to lead the way, but he was afraid to get in the car. He said, "I'm suspected to be infected now, just show you the way outside the car." Then he ran in front of the car and took it to the designated place.



This back view is sad. Hard work, doctor. The back of your black suit is a bit fuzzy, but in our hearts you are clear and shiny. wish you good health and good luck. Im grateful to have you.


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On January 31, Jinan West Station. An enthusiastic little brother drove a big truck and sent 500 kg of disinfectant solution. parking. discharge. And then left without any information. Disinfection is the top priority for stations in the epidemic. With this 500 kg of disinfectant stock solution, the station need not worry about for half a month.




The little brother also thoughtfully prepared a watering can. I think he must have thought a lot before he came.


The station staff thanked again and again: Thank you, thank you. He waved again and again: It doesnt matter.



This little brother, we all know that you don't figure this phrase "thank you". But we must express our deep gratitude. For this 500 pounds of disinfectant, it is more warm and kind. Im grateful to have you!

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Yesterday, I saw a photo on the Internet. A dozen people simply stood in a row. No styling, no beauty, not even everyone's face. However, it's a bit poking.




Urban management, environmental sanitation, traffic police, doctors, special police ... This is a "safeguard for the people" team. During the epidemic, countless such teams on the Chinese land fought in silence to protect us and protect our motherland. thank you.


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On the second day of the new year, Zhang Min, the deputy head nurse of the First People's Hospital of Anqing City, was about to go to the epidemic area. Before leaving, her daughter hugged her and cried to keep her mother away. The head nurse held back her tears and told her daughter, "Mom is going to fight monsters and will be back soon ..."



During this time, similar scenes occurred in countless places in the motherland. Countless immature children, hugging their mothers who are doctors and nurses, cried heartily and would not let them go. However, none of those "cruel" mothers remained. Dear baby, we don't cry. We are in the rear together with our mothers to fight monsters. Our dear soldiers,  may you return safely! thank you.


 1 3



At noon of the New Years Eve, the doctor of the respiratory department of Shanghai First People's Hospital ordered two takeaways. At the moment of the epidemic, the doctor who placed the order thoughtfully notes: If the courier minds the hospital environment, I can take it by the roadside without sending it upstairs.
After half an hour. The express brother not only delivered the meals to the second floor, but the shop also delivered two dishes for free, with a note attached:

"Doctor: youre hardworking. Send a piece of meat and a dish. Happy New Year."
The doctor was instantly touched, and the picture was sent to the circle of friends. The reporter found the store, and the store owner said that he was sad to see the doctor's remarks:
"New Year, they are still holding on to their posts and dedicating to the city silently, but some people care about their working environment."
So he wanted to do something. Hmm ... this is the legendary "conscience seller"? I
ll chose you. Wish you a prosperous business! grateful to have you.


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A charter plane is about to land in Wuhan. The passengers on board were all medical staff helping Wuhan. Before landing, the flight attendant began to broadcast routinely: "Our plane begins to descend ... Today, you are not only angels but also heroes, you have worked hard ..." At the end, the flight attendant suddenly choked: "Wait for you to complete the task , We will take you home."




The choking this time was not a work error. It is a sincere expression of gratitude and respect. Thank you medical staff. Thank you also, steward. Countless people were touched with tears when they heard your choke. Because our heart is the same as you.

1 5

Wuhan Huoshenshan Hospital was successfully completed. A worker who participated in the construction process was paid. But he wanted to donate it all.



Think about it, what kind of people they are? They are just ordinary workers. They worked hard on the construction site for a year and finally managed to go home for the New Year and reunite with their families for a few days. But in the New Years eve, they received an urgent task, put down their chopsticks and came to the disaster area to build a hospital. New Year's Eve, they ate like this at the construction site.




How many times they are too tired to sleep like this for a while.

They work hard every day and night. In order to catch up with the construction period, there was even a group fight. And he finally managed to complete the task, and he didn't want a little profit. Thank you little brother, you should have this money, we understand you. grateful to have you.


1 6 

There are too many such stories in this epidemic. What I wrote down may be only one tenth of a million. If it were not for this disaster, it would be difficult for us to know that so many shiny souls which were hidden among ordinary people. They are very ordinary, very simple, but also amazing. These glittering ordinary people make us warm, stable, powerful in our hearts, and hopeful.

There is a question that I have been asking myself recently: The country is in trouble. What should we ordinary people do? The answer is simple: Everyone takes up their responsibility. In fact, most Chinese people do the same: doctors rush to the hospital, police officers stand by, cooks cook for doctors, and workers build hospitals in an emergency. People who have vegetables bring vegetables, people with masks donate masks, people who make medical supplies work overtime overnight, and people who know health knowledge continue to propagate ... We work together to overcome the difficulties. It must be said that this great battle was fought by the people across the country. Winning in the future is also the credit of the people across the country.


 Warriors on the front lines.
The kind people in the previous story.
It is everyone who gave up the New Year to go home.
Everyone who cancels the gathering and spreads knowledge of the epidemic.
Everyone who wears a mask when going out, and also advises others to wear a mask ...
Together, we drove the virus away. Without the support and cooperation of the overwhelming majority of the people, I don't know how many times this disaster will escalate. Thank you for every Chinese you give silently.
With you there, China will definitely win.


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